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Thursday, July 22, 2010

IBIZA Market

Nº 1 Holiday Destination: ibiza
Ibiza has been a worldwide non-hyped performer since the 1970s and is the Nº1 holiday destination for Spaniards width high disposable income and jet setting internationals.
a) Weather Ibiza has approximately 300 days of sun a year.
b) Lifestyle: Ibiza is somewhere where anyone can fit in. The local people are very relaxed and friendly with open arms to tourists. Many famous personalities come to Ibiza as they are able to move around easily without attracting too much attention.
c) Cuisine: Wide variety of restaurants and cuisines. One can dine under the starlight on the beaches, enjoy the shady terraces of the beautiful country restaurants, soak up the atmosphere of Ibiza by night in the romantic pavement side, paveside restaurants of the famous Old Town.
d) Beaches: No matter where you are, especially when you are driving, you are never far from one of the spectacular beaches Ibiza has to offer. Ibiza´s waters are amongst the cleanest in the Mediteranean and are continually awarded the coveted EEC Blue Flags.
e) Sports: Ibiza is a boating paradise. Boat lovers are found all around the island, docked in the crystal clear water coves and surrounding the island of Formentera to enjoy the turquoise waters and white sands. Golf, biking, hiking and every kind of water sport are also practised in Ibiza.
f) Plenty of things to do: In Ibiza there is something for everyone, from the famous world renowned nightclubs to the smallest local bar. There is always something new to do, shopping, art exhibitions, beaches, boating, touring the “Ibicenco pueblos”......
Rental Possibilities:
Ibiza is an ideal location for rental investment. Apartments and villas recieve high returns in the 6 month summer season. The demand for accomodation exceeds both property and hotel supply. Ibiza has a limit on hotel beds, which means for a new hotel to open another has to close.
Restrictions on building:
Ibiza has very strict laws width regards to building on the island, which means that its natural environment will be conserved and the resale market will remain strong.
Diverse markets:
Unlike other parts of mainland Spain, Ibiza has a very cosmopolitan mix of cultures and nationalities, all of whom have properties on the island. Apart from the Spanish there is no predominant nationality, which means that the property market is never dependant on the economies of one or two countries only.

Ibiza is one of these places that everyone has heard about but they don´t really know what to expect. When they finally visit the island, everything they imagined is totally different from the reality. All preconceptions of all included tour groups are completely changed. Ibiza is seriously classy and chic, but in a very subtle and discreet way. It is fun, beautiful, interesting, with one of the highest life expectancies in the world, no industry or pollution and a safe place to invest and enjoy......


NEAR BORDEAUX house with 6 bedrooms Luxury Manor House with Heated Pool



Villa France Aquitaine Arcachon Cap Ferret

Villa France Aquitaine Arcachon Cap Ferret
France Aquitaine Arcachon Cap Ferret

Luxury property Villa Cap Ferret near Bordeaux FRANCE

Luxury property Villa Cap Ferret near Bordeaux FRANCE
Luxury property Villa Cap Ferret near Bordeaux FRANCE